Be So Fine Yarn Knit Serpentine Scalloped Lace Shawl FREE Pattern

Be So Fine Yarn Knit Serpentine Scalloped Lace Shawl FREE Pattern
by Kristin Omdahl

Scroll to the bottom of this free pattern page to watch the how-to tutorial video on this amazing lace edging technique on Kristin’s YouTube Channel!

(1) hank Be So Fine Yarn; 650 yds per 4oz; 100% bamboo; Iced Silver Fox
US8 (5mm) circular knitting needle
US8 (5mm) double pointed needle (optional)
Yarn needle

Gauge: 3 sts/4 rows = 1” in blocked garter stitch (gauge is not critical for this project)

Finished size: 70” x 25”

CO 5 sts
Row 1: k1, (yo, k1)x4. — 9 sts
Row 2 (and all even numbered rows: knit across.
Row 3: k1, yo, k3, yo, k1, yo, k3, yo, k1. — 13 sts
Row 5: k1, yo, k5, yo, k1, yo, k5, yo, k1. — 17 sts
Rows 7 – 49: repeat established pattern from row 5. — 102 sts
Row 51: k1, yo, k51, (yo, k1)x3 in next st, yo, k51, yo, k1. — 113 sts
Row 53: k1, yo, k53, yo, k1, yo, k3, yo, k1, yo, k53, yo, k1. — 119 sts
Row 55: k1, yo, k55, yo, k1, yo, k5, yo, k1, yo, k55, yo, k1. — 125 sts
Row 57: k1, yo, k57, yo, k1, yo, k7, yo, k1, yo, k57, yo, k1. — 131 sts
Rows 59 – 99: rep established pattern from 57. — 257 sts
Row 101: k1, yo, k101, yo, k1, yo, k51, yo, k1, yo, k101, yo, k1. — 263 sts
Row 103: k1, yo, (k2tog, yo)x50, (yo, k1)x2, (yo, k2tog)x25, (yo, k1)x2, (yo, k2togx50, (yo, k1)x2. — 269 sts
Row 104: knit across

NOTE: This edging is worked perpendicularly along the lower edge of shawl in strips that involve 7 sts: 3 sts at the beg of the strip, 3 sts used for a modified three-needle BO and 1 st returned to the left needle tip (along with the rest of the shawl sts). Each repeat (scallop) binds off 5 sts total.

Row 1: Beg with the first 3 shawl sts, yo, k1, kfb, yo twice (counts as 1 st), k1. — 6 sts
Row 2: Yo twice, k2tog (dropping second loop of double yo from prev row), k4.
Row 3: Yo twice, k2tog, k4 (dropping second loop of double yo from prev row).
Rows 4 – 20: rep row 2

NOTE: you want 10 large loops on each side of the strip.

BO as follows: Hold work with the shawl on your left, the edging on your right, and the tips of the needles pointing toward opposite sides.

With dpn, pick up each of the 10 loops along the edge closest to the live shawl sts one at a time, just putting the loops on the needle (not picking them up and knitting them).

With right needle tip, *pass second lop over first loop and off the needle: rep from * 9 more times — 1 loop st rem on dpn.

Place this st on right needle tip and pass live strip st over this loop, pull working yarn to tighten, then return last st to right needle tip. — 6 sts on right needle tip (counting double yo as 1 st).

Turn right needle around and place on top of left needle so that RS are facing together and both needle tips point to the right (in position to do a 3-needle BO). Holding both needles parallel [insert tip of dpn into first 2 sts (as if to k2tog) on the front needle and into the first st on the back needle and knit these 3 sts together] 2 times, then pass first st over second st and off the needle. 1 st BO.

Insert tip of dpn into next 2 strip sts (as if to k2tog) while dropping second loop of double yo, and into the next shawl st and knit these 3 sts tog.

Pass the first st over the second st and off the needle. — 1 st rem. Return this st to the left needle tip. Rep from Row 1 for each serpentine scallop.

Watch the how-to tutorial video to learn this amazing lace edging technique on Kristin’s YouTube channel here:

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    I really LOVE your patterns….but it is frustrating to save them and not have a photo of the project saved with the pattern…is there a way you can fix this??…

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