“52 Crochet Gifts” eBook Week 11 Released!

52 crochet gifts book by Kristin Omdahl

“52 Crochet Gifts” eBook Week 11 Released!


52 Crochet Gifts Book By Kristin Omdahl

Join author and designer Kristin Omdahl as we make handmade, crochet gifts every week of the year. Here you will find dozens of projects perfect for last minute gifts, with a variety of techniques to keep you intrigued, too. Each pattern comes with written instructions, charts, and video tutorials.

I understand that everyone likes to shop for their patterns differently so I decided to structure this book differently than I have in the past. Each week I will release two new patterns , and you can either purchase them individually or purchase the entire eBook pre-order style.

When you order the individual patterns, you will get an email with an expiring download link. When you purchase the pre-order ebook, at a discounted price for a limited time, you will receive the expiring download link including the patterns released so far. Each week you will receive a new expiring download link with the updated ebook containing the increasing number of patterns.

As a bonus, you will receive a discount coupon code for $7 USD off the purchase price of an autographed copy of the paperback book once it is released.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me!

If you have preordered the “52 Crochet Gifts” ebook, the week 11 PDF update has been emailed to you already. So far, twenty-five (29) crochet patterns have been released and below I will share some information about each one. Please scroll to the bottom of this blog post for information about ordering the ebook, the patterns and the yarns.

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