How to Crochet Lace Right onto the Edge of Curtains Crochet on Fabric Pattern by Kristin Omdahl

How to Crochet Lace Right onto the Edge of Curtains Crochet on Fabric Pattern by Kristin Omdahl

These gorgeous curtains are made with Be So Fine Yarn. I think the Be So Fine BLING Yarns would be GORGEOUS for this kind of project too!

Ever since I started making my cedar herringbone headboard, I have been interested in designing a beautiful bedroom around the headboard. Being the DIY-loving, crafty mama that I am, you KNOW it would involve lots of hand made items.

I created a large, crochet lace edged mirror out of rope for over the bed and headboard. And, before I went any further, I decided I may as well make sure my newly decorated-with-intention bedroom was feng shui friendly. So I started researching all about feng shui. What was my focus? Peaceful sleeping? Yes. Soothing sanctuary? Sure. Attracting love? Why not?

Luckily, I was off to a good start. Because, feng shui suggests that the majority of your bedroom’s color palette should be in earth tones, meaning anything from off-white to browns to greys to black. Luckily, my existing bedding was off-white with gold and silver details; My sheets were champagne gold satin; and my brand new, super awesome headboard was a muted, metallic gold.

Keeping the palette in creams, naturals and golds made perfect sense to me. So then it was about choosing the accent color. I wanted it to be bold and I also wanted it to be a color that makes me happy. It came down to a debate between turquoise and red. Turquoise meaning anything from dark teal to pale aqua, the combination of blue and green reminds me of water and always makes me happy. The color of fresh cut roses, a deep, rich red also makes me happy. I decided on the latter because I figured I was already set on the peaceful, soothing sanctuary aspects of my bedroom, and red is clearly the color of love, so why not give feng shui a try?

Next I made two topiary trees to decorate the bed side tables, using red yarn to symbolize vases of fresh cut red roses that would never wilt and die.
I took pictures and sent to my friends for feedback, knowing full well the bedroom wasn’t complete. It was going in the right direction, but not done yet.

I started looking through pinterest for ideas and came across an Anthropologie inspired curtain blog post. The original Anthrolpologie curtains had bold blue ombre lace edging along the sides of cream curtains, and it looked a lot like crochet, but I wasn’t sure. The “inspired DIY ideas” all took store bought lace edging and dyed it before sewing it onto the curtains. Not bad… but I knew the crocheter in me could do better!

Perpetually on a budget, I wasn’t sure if it would be cheaper to shop for fabric with a coupon or watch for clearanced items in home stores. I perused JoAnns and Homegoods several times before stumbling on a set of curtains clearanced at Homegoods that were just perfect. They are a very neutral beige but have a shimmer of metallic to them. And Be So Fine Yarn in Million Dollar Red would be PERFECT crocheted right along the edge.

In the following video, I will show you how to make a fabric friendly to crochet, and then how to crochet your edging right onto the curtains (NO SEWING necessary).

I’ll be making a video for the crochet edging mirror next. And I’m pretty sure I am not done making things for #Operation DIYBoudoir yet. I have a vision for an old Hollywood vanity table and mirror. I have been sifting through Goodwill for a few weeks now, looking for the perfect “bones” to begin this project.

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