Islamorada Shawl

Have you tried crocheting this luscious shawl? It begins with one of my favorite techniques for starting all kinds of patterns: foundation ovals.  I developed this technique a number of years ago, based upon my love of Granny Squares, and the ease and rapidity of working into chain spaces, instead of into chain stitches.  In addition to being faster, this technique also creates a lovely lacy edge, with a great deal of stretch and flexibility.  Instead of fighting with starting chains, learn this technique, and really look forward to the beginning of your next project!  Follow along below as I show you how thw charts and stitches match up!

Love this starting technique as much as I do?  Be sure to try these other patterns that use the same technique: Sweet Clara Crochet Top Pattern and Mesh Berry Crochet Top Pattern. Sweet Clara features Be So Sporty Yarn and Mesh Berry features Be So Fine Yarn.


Begin with 4 chains and then make a treble crochet into the first chain, making a loop.  Repeat 8 more times, for a total of 9 loops.

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