Announcing Kristin’s Red Bubble Shop!

After months of keeping this secret, I’m ready to explode! I’m just bubbling over with joy at finally being able to share this with you – actually – I’m Redbubbling!

I have opened a new shop to share my art work with all of you, and to allow you to choose the items you want to purchase with my art! From mugs to pillows to scarves to tote bags – choose a design, match with an item, and redecorate or have some fun! The hardest part is making the choices! Shop HERE

From childhood, drawing has always been one of my favorite activities. Last year, I decided to post a few of my drawings on social media and the response was overwhelming. I collaborated with Erin Lane Bags and with the magical technology Spoonflower provided we were able to make project bags with custom fabrics with my original hand drawings! They took off and it was a great addition to my already growing product line!

I lamented over the fact that Spoonflower was limited in their fabric selections. I desired a sheer chiffon fabric to make my drawings into large scarves and sarongs. It stayed on my back burner but I moved forward to other projects.

Then I stumbled upon another website called Red Bubble. This is a website for artists to upload their artwork and customize a wide selection of products that are made to order in the USA! They have everything from t-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, duvet covers, posters, journals, notebooks and SCARVES!!!! The sheer, chiffon scarves are 55″ square and make exquisite scarves but even more importantly I can wear them as a sarong, too! The 18″ tote bag and sarong are my new beach attire FOR SURE.


This venture has inspired me to share more than just my floral and Moroccan tile inspired drawings. Now I have added all sorts of things that I love to draw, including mermaids! More to come for sure, just getting started. I have always loved to draw graffiti and lettering too. I started with one simple font style and have been adding my drawings inside the lettering to create knitting and crochet funny expressions and logos for t-shirts and bags. I hope you like them. They are silly, fun and great conversation starters! Here are a few I’ve done so far:

I have designed a bikini style top to match one of my sarongs. Pattern and pictures to follow soon. I used one skein of Be So Sporty Yarn in Lilac Memories and it is going to match the sarong so beautifully. Here is a sneak peek of the yarn I chose for the top (along side the sarong it will match). And this is the 18″ tote bag and travel mug, for size. And below that, a progress picture of the top. It is now complete, but the pattern needs to be written, and I need to head to the beach to take some photos!


The tote bags come in 3 sizes: 13″ to 18″ and can be used for all sorts of reasons! There are zipper pouches that are great for organizing your little items inside the totes as well. I’m in LOVE with the travel mug. It’s aluminum and the art is printed right on the metal. I’ve thrown it into the dishwasher several times and its still perfect and beautiful. Here is a photo of my friend’s first zipper pouch ordered (its the smaller of the 2 sizes available):
Another person I know is waiting on an order of the leggings right now. I think the prints will look amazing with oversized, flowing tops with the leggings and the pencil skirts. I want to order a pencil skirt in the mermaid scales print and the rainbow knit stitch print. I will gladly review them for you once they arrive 🙂

The posters are so cool. I have several framed in my living room and video studio. And, I have a couple to give away as well! Share this blog post and you are entered to win a signed poster 🙂 I’ll be announcing the winners next week. Here is my studio, decorated with my products, including the posters framed on the wall and one of the scarves adorning a mannequin as a sarong. You know what this means, right? I’m headed back into the studio very soon to make more YouTube vidoes! Please send me your suggestions. I’m happy to consider your ideas for future videos.
The phone cases are so fun! I have one for the iPhone 5 and my sister has the Galaxy 5. The quality is great. Yep! That’s a bathroom selfie LOL
Please please please send me your own pictures when your products have arrived! I think it would be so fun to have a photo gallery of all of us using our products in action.

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