Be So Brave Yarn Chevron Knit Hat FREE Pattern by Kristin Omdahl

mosaic knit chevron hat pattern

The easiest form of color work in knitting for beginners is the slip stitch Mosaic technique. In this pattern I will show you step by step how to knit slip stitch mosaic colorwork in the round to create this beautiful knit chevron hat pattern. If you are looking to modify this pattern for other sizes or different weights of yarn, the stitch pattern is a multiple of 24 + 3 stitches.


  • 250 yds #4 medium worsted weight yarn total: 125 yds in color A and 125 yds in color B
  • US9 (5.5mm) circular knitting needles, 16”
  • Yarn needle
  • Stitch marker

Shown in:  Lion Brand Yarn’s Wool-ease; #4 worsted weight yarn; 197 yds (180m) per 3oz (85gm); 1 ball ea in color A, Denim and color B Light Rose Heather.

Gauge: 3.5 sts/ 7 rounds = 1” in slip stitch mosiac pattern

Finished size: 19” circumference, 9” tall

Stitch Abbreviations:

CO cast on; BO bind off; K knit; P purl; PM place marker; SM slip marker; YO yarn over; Sl slip stitch; K-tbl knit through the back loop; KFB knit into the front and back of same stitch; K2TOG knit 2 stitches together

Watch the Youtube tutorial video for mosaic knit chevron hat pattern here: 

Mosaic Knit Chevron Hat Pattern FREE Pattern by Kristin Omdahl

Note: always slip stitches purlwise

You can change the look of any slip stitch mosaic pattern when you swap color A for color B. It could make an interesting coordinating set of mosaic knit chevron hat pattern, too!



Round 1: With yarn A, CO 72 sts, pm.

Round 2: *K1, p1. Rep from * around. — 72 sts

Rounds 3 – 10: Rep round 2. — 72 sts

Round 11: *Kfb, k23. Rep from * around, sm. — 75 sts


Round 1: With yarn B, k1, sl1, *k2, sl1. Rep from * to last st: k1, sm. — 75 sts

Round 2: Rep round 1.

Round 3: With yarn A, (k2, sl1)x4, k3, sl1, (k2, sl1)x3, *k1, sl1, (k2, sl1)x3, k3, sl1, (k2, sl1)x3, rep from * to last 2 sts: k2, sm. — 75 sts

Round 4: Rep round 3.

Round 5: Using B, k3, *(sl1, k2)x3, sl1, k1, sl1, (k2, sl1)x3, k3. Rep from * to end, sm. — 75 sts

Round 6: Rep round 5.

Round 7 – 8: With yarn A, rep rounds 1 – 2.

Rounds 9 – 10: With yarn B, rep rounds 3 – 4.

Rounds 11 – 12: With yarn A, rep rounds 5 – 6.

Rounds 13 – 66: Rep rounds 1 – 12 four more times, then rounds 1 – 6 once more.


Round 67: With color A, k2tog around to last 3 sts: k3tog. — 37 sts

Round 68: Knit around.

Round 69: K2tog around to last 3 sts: k3tog. — 18 sts

Round 70: Knit around.

Round 71: K2tog around. — 9 sts

Fasten off, leaving long tail. Thread yarn onto needle and thread through all remaining stitches, taking them off the needles. Cinch tightly to close the crown. Secure and weave in loose ends.

Wash, block to finished measurements and let dry.


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  1. Angeline says:

    Hi there, thanks so much for sharing this beautiful pattern. I have this double knit weight yarn, am I able to use that instead of the worsted weight? I think I’ll need to increase the number of cast on stitches, how would I go about doing this please? Do the cast on stitches need to be a certain multiple? Many thanks!

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