How to Crochet On Fabric: Crochet Lace Tshirt Yoke Crochet Pattern by Kristin Omdahl

How to Crochet On Fabric: Crochet Lace Tshirt Yoke Crochet Pattern by Kristin Omdahl

I make tons of lists. I love to jot down design ideas all the time. In fact, over the years I have kept many notebooks with ideas sketched and noted. I have volumes of them now. This is one of the concepts that has repeatedly been jotted down in notebooks over the years: embellishing store-bought clothing and accessories with knitting and crochet.

Last week, I said “Enough is enough!” and bought a couple of discount tshirts ($4 each) to have on hand whenever the mood should strike. It’s funny how that works, though. I’ve been thinking about doing this for years, but as soon as I bought the supplies, I found the time to make it right away!

I’m happy to share this DIY video with you. I decided to design the tshirt project ‘live’ on camera. What I mean is, I didn’t practice on a tshirt off camera before doing a second one on camera. I wanted to show you the good, bad and ugly of this project. The reason is that I want you to know it is OK TO MAKE MISTAKES, that is part of the design process!

So, join me as I cut the tshirt, sew stitches along the edge, then crochet a beautiful lace yoke back onto the tshirt. I LOVE it so much! Now I want one in every color of my yarns 🙂

I used a Be So Fine TIDBIT to make this yoke, and there is plenty left over to make another tshirt yoke with it, too. I used Chantilly Lace, but you can choose from all of the gorgeous colors HERE:

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I would love to see your creations. Just as much fun as making these myself is the satisfaction I get from seeing my designs come to life and other crochet fans wearing them too. There are now 2 ways you can share what you have done!

  • Share yours by joining  Create. Share. Inspire on Facebook where you can interact with me as well as many other members who have a love of knitting and crochet just like you! It is a wonderful and safe place to share your photos of finished projects in my knitting or crochet patterns or yarns, and to see what others are making, too.
  • I have recently added a wonderful new interactive section to the website which I invite you to take part in, it has been a smashing success and such fun so far. It is the new “Share a Project” section. You, my creators, can upload images and descriptions of your creations to share with the ever growing community! To upload simply click here. 

Additionally, I host a livestreaming podcast weekday on my YouTube Channel called Create Share Inspire Podcast. You can join the audience and even ask me questions LIVE! I often do a show and tell, or quick demo and I always interact with the live audience. It is a lot of fun!

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I look forward to seeing what you create!


17 thoughts on “How to Crochet On Fabric: Crochet Lace Tshirt Yoke Crochet Pattern by Kristin Omdahl

  1. Keisha says:

    That is gorgeous Kristin! I can’t wait to try it. I would love to see you embellish the sleeves of a t-shirt or try a v-neck next. Maybe the hem of a long knit skirt. Thanks!

  2. Angela Hill says:

    Thank you for sharing. I called the stitch that you use cast on to the t-shirt a "blanket stitch" . I never thought of cutting the shirt that low. It’s more beautiful with more crocheting work than just an edging.

  3. sharon sutto n says:

    I have been looking for a "how-to" on this for soooo long! This video is excellent. I learned very basic crochet as a child but did not pursue it (i.e., I’ll be starting from scratch), but your video makes me believe I can do this without throwing my hands up in despair and walking away from a half finished project. I am getting the supplies I need forthwith! Thank you so much for your excellent instruction. I also plan to make several of these beautifully transformed tees…yay!!!

  4. Gertha says:

    Thank you Sooooo!!! Much I’ve looked for something like this for a very lone time every top that I purchas is always drooping too low I end up trying to pin it up, I believe with your technique this this can work with other tops, thanks again

  5. Bhagya says:

    Yes….i checked ur T shirt photos…its amazing.i dont know how to do…but i decided to do this…will show u once i did it.u r my inspiration.thank u dear

  6. Dawn Cherie Walker says:

    30 years ago, I found a pattern for this and wish to GOD, I still had it! I made my mother a coral-colored T with a coral-colored crochet yoke. I don’t know whatever happened to that T, but it was one of my most favorite things to make for her. Glad to find this. Will definitely be doing more now! Thank you

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