80 Handmade Gifts – First Reviews are in and Detailed Resources are Now Available

Thank you to everyone who is supporting my “80 Handmade Gift” book! I appreciate the sales, the support, the reviews and the feedback so very much!!

You can PRE-ORDER 80 Handmade Gifts Book HERE it will ship directly from me when my shipment arrives. Each copy ordered directly from me will be personalized and autographed and during the pre-order I will also be gifting the ebook (a retail value of $13.99!) so you can start reading and creating right away!

“80 Handmade Gifts” book is also now available in every Amazon Prime market worldwide and I have those links listed below for your convenience.

The project resource pages are ready! You can find shopping and resource information for every single project from the link shared below. This page tells you about the whole book, but if you click on any of the chapter links (Cooking, Crochet, Knitting, Sewing & Paper) you will get full resource info on every single project.

Learn more about the other chapters from 80 Handmade Gifts book by Kristin Omdahl here:

Cooking Chapter from 80 Handmade Gifts book by Kristin Omdahl

Crochet Chapter from 80 Handmade Gifts book by Kristin Omdahl

Knitting Chapter from 80 Handmade Gifts book by Kristin Omdahl

Sewing, Papercrafts & More Chapter from 80 Handmade Gifts book by Kristin Omdahl

The first reviews have started to come in and I thought you might like to know what others from around the world are saying about “80 Handmade Gifts” book!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me!

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“I love the variety in this book. It is like getting 4 books in one. The value is incredible. Also there was so much thought into making it easy to read. The words just jump out at you and the directions are clear and simple. It is a great resource to make so many different gifts and after you complete one you feel like a hero!! Best craft book ever.” ~ D.C.

”If you love crafting and making gifts this book is like a Christmas present to yourself!” ~ M.M.

”This isn’t just another ‘craft book’, it is a tremendous resource for crochet, knitting, sewing, paper crafts, recipes, the list goes on. There are also resources as to where to find the products to make all the projects, so no need to spend the time finding them on your own. The photography is beautiful, each project is clearly shown, the type is larger to make it much easier to read and follow along. Many of the projects also have video tutorials. Great book, would also make a great present for the crafty person in your life!” ~ J.K.

”Kristin’s crafting ideas are perfect for the beginner and advanced crafter as well. So many ideas for quick quality gifts for any occasion. Watch her YouTube channel for her tips and tricks, you’ll be inspired every time! Her yarns are like no others, they make the truly special handmade gift.” ~ F.Z.

”This book is is a must read for any crafter! I can’t wait to try out the projects! They all look lovely and I love how simple and quick they are to do. Thanks for another great book Kristin!” ~ M.R.

”This is a must have for everyone who enjoys creating and making personalized gifts. There are myriad ideas for projects that feature yarn crafts and include paper crafts, jewelry making and cooking. None require a lot of time investment, but yield a beautiful project/gift! Many are perfect to do with children. The directions are clear and thorough with photographs that demonstrate the actual finished product. I previewed the book on the author’s website and will be purchasing several as gifts.” ~ J.L.

”Awesome book for quick easy gifts. Absolutely love this book.” ~ K.B.

Pre-order Personalized & Autographed copy of 80 Handmade Gifts Book (with free ebook gift) HERE

Download 80 Handmade Gifts ebook on Ravelry HERE

Amazon US 80 Handmade Gifts Book

Amazon Canada 80 Handmade Gifts Book

Amazon Mexico 80 Handmade Gifts Book

Amazon UK 80 Handmade Gifts Book

Amazon France 80 Handmade Gifts Book

Amazon Germany 80 Handmade Gifts Book

Amazon Spain 80 Handmade Gifts Book

Amazon Italy 80 Handmade Gifts Book

Amazon Australia 80 Handmade Gifts Book

Amazon Brazil 80 Handmade Gifts Book

Amazon Japan 80 Handmade Gifts Book

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