Sewing, Paper Crafts & More

In this chapter of 80 Handmade Gifts, we have 19 projects from cards to boxes to bags - there is something for everyone!

Eden Card, Julia Card, Lenora Card, Gina Card, Sophia Box, Augusta Basket, Henrietta Box, Victoria Box, Cassandra Box, Pearl Apron, Heather Roll, Reese Bag, Sasha Stitch Markers, Emily Eye Pillow, Alice Bag, Annie Pouch, Ada Roll, Margot Pouch, and Greta Bath Bombs.


Julia Card

A simple knit flower adds another dimension to a handmade card. Make a set of these for the knitter you love.

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Eden Card

Not only are handmade cards a treat to receive, but a set of handmade cards also makes a lovely gift. Make them in assorted colors and tie together with a bow.


Lenora Card

A simple crochet flower adds another dimension to a handmade card. Make a set of these for the crocheter you love.

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Gina Card

Heat stamp embossing is a really elegant and deceptively simple technique for creating sophisticated stationery gifts.


Sophia Box

These adorable little boxes could be filled with anything from a sentimental note to jewelry. Or fill a box with a handmade truffle.


Augusta Basket

Woven baskets can be a gift on their own, but they also make a fantastic container for other gifts, too! Fill a woven basket with stationery, yarn, wash cloths, or anything you desire.


Henrietta Box

This box is simple to fold and magically transforms into a gorgeous box. Decorate with ribbons or yarn for closure and use stickers or shapes punched out of contrasting paper for added variety. The schematic notes the direction and position for adding decorations.

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Victoria Box

A pillow box is a simple way to add a personal touch to anything from a gift card to jewelry. Add stickers, stamps, punched out shapes, a calligraphy message or drawing to make it even more special.


Cassandra Box

This pretty box makes a great gift presentation when filled with goodies. Can you imagine using a selection of these for organization in your craft room, office, or linen closet? So pretty!


Pearl Apron

Pinafore aprons are useful for all types of crafters. Make one for the gardener, baker, chef, artist or woodworker in your life.

Roll Up Case Collage.jpg

Heather Roll

This makes a quick and fabulous gift! Use this for crochet hooks, double pointed knitting needles, coloring pencils, markers or makeup brushes.


Reese Bag

Lining a bag is a big step toward a professional-looking finished project. A flat bottom allows the bag to sit up on its own, which is great for a knitting or crochet project bag. The exterior drawstring casing adds


Sasha Stitch Markers

Stitch markers make a wonderful gift for both knitters and crocheters. This particular style is well suited for both kinds of crafters because they can be opened and closed. Presenting the gift on a bangle bracelet not only looks cute but is also great for storage.

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YT tile Eye Pillow.jpg

Emily Eye Pillow

I first saw an eye pillow many years ago while working in a luxurious spa. It wasn't long before I began making my own and giving them to my friends and family. I still love to give them to friends when they need a little pick-me-up.


Alice bag

This FABULOUS bag is easy to make. Use it for a knitting or crochet project bag, taking to the market, on a picnic, travel, or even use it as your purse! Makes a wonderful gift for a baby shower, bridal shower, or birthday filled all kinds of goodies.


Annie Pouch

A little velcro pouch has so many possibilities. Add it to a project bag, fill it with notions, or use it in a thousand other ways. I have shown it filled with a hank of yarn. A set of handmade cards would fit nicely inside, too.


Ada Roll

This is a fantastic gift for the travellers in your life. Whether a daily commuter, college student or international globe-trotter, a pretty and soft roll for organizing electronics and cords is a thoughtful and functional gift.


Margo Pouch

Zipper pouches are easy and quick to make. They can be used for anything from storing notions to jewelry. They can be used as a gift bag or given as a gift themselves in a set of coordinating prints. Alternate your lining and exterior prints for a set. The possibilities are endless!

YT tile bath bombs beginners.jpg

Greta Bath Bomb

This is a simple recipe for making bath bombs: they are chock full of amazing ingredients to relax your muscles and elevate your bathtub to a luxurious spa treatment. When you perfect popping the bath bombs out of the molds, you will have gorgeous, handmade gifts to give anyone! I have yet to meet a person - man or woman - who doesn’t love my bath bombs.