Jerilyn’s Be So Toasty Yarn Crochet Project

Jerilyn’s Be So Toasty Yarn Crochet Project by Jerilyn Boos (username jerilynboos)

Completed January 2021
Size large
Used 2 .5 balls of Be So Toasty yarn
Hooks used E and F
I modified the sleeves because I am petite.
This is very lightweight. It is also quite warm when worn over an underlay garment. I wear it over pretty long underwear in white, gray, or black. My yarn choice worked perfect for this top. Thank you Kristin for teaching us the importance of checking our gauge. This sweater fits exactly as I want it to.

Pattern: Huitre Top by Natasha Robarge

Yarn: Be So Toasty Yarn, color Blue Mist

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