Lisa’s Margot Crochet Cardigan

Lisa’s Margot Crochet Cardigan made by Lisa Gattis

I wanted to make my Margot Crochet Cardigan into a duster! So I used Be So Baby Yarn in colorway Orchid and I decided I wanted to make a second Margot Crochet Cardigan. I used Be So Sporty yarn in colorway Blue Topaz and Mermaid 05 ! I love using color work on a lot of my projects! For me these two Margots were Zen Projects Very easy ! And the outcome is beautiful! I cannot wait to wear both of these dusters out! 💕

Pattern: Margot Crochet Cardigan Pattern by Kristin Omdahl

Yarn: Be So Baby Yarn in color Orchid
Yarn: Be So Sporty Yarn in colors Blue Topaz and Mermaid 05

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