The Yarn Color Guide

The Yarn Color Guide by Kristin Omdahl

28 gorgeous 5-color palettes curated by Kristin Omdahl in Be So Baby Yarn

Be So Baby Yarn is a #3 dk weight yarn that comes in 60 gorgeous colors. This is a wonderful range of colors that can be combined in unlimited combinations to make so many different kinds of knitting, crochet, weaving and other crafting projects.

Mixing and matching colors can be really fun, but sometimes it can be overwhelming, too. The colorcard of all 60 colors of Be So Baby Yarn (to the right) is organized by color family in columns. If you are looking to combine tonal colors, these columns are very helpful. There is a column from left to right for: cool neutrals, warm neutrals, pinks/reds, oranges/corals/peaches, yellows to yellow-greens, greens, blue-greens, blues, and purples. You can also combine rainbow palettes with these colors in a variety of ways including pastel rainbow, primary rainbow, neon rainbow and more. You can also use a color wheel to combine colors. Choose colors opposite the colorwheel for complementary colors; or choose split complementary, triad or tetrad combinations with the color theory suggestions on the color wheel. I like this color wheel HERE.

When I feel overwhelmed or confused by color choices, I like turn to nature for inspiration. Below are 28 different 5-color palettes curated by me (Kristin Omdahl) to suggest some different color combinations for you. Perhaps this will inspire you to make a colorwork project!

You can purchase a 5-color kit on sale for $19.99 HERE

But if you would like to combine different quantities of each color for larger projects, you can shop Be So Baby Yarn for $3.99 per ball plus bulk discounts HERE

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Please reference these curated color combinations in photos below:

Beach #1: Blush Pink, Salmon, Sandcastle, Peacock Teal, Turquoise

Beach #2: Silver Lavender, Ecru, Platinum Stone, Snowflake

Beach #3: Silver Lavender, Orchid, Aquamarine, Splash, Indigo

Beach #4: Peacock Teal, Dark Sage, Gold, Lime Green, Grass Green

Beach #5: Navy, Indigo, Splash, Aquamarine, Snowflake

Beach #6: Aquamarine, Turquoise, Robin Egg Blue, Snowflake, Silver Lavender

Bird #1: Peacock Teal, Splash, Robin Egg Blue, Peach, Coral

Fruit #1: Princess, Burgundy, Cherry, Salmon, Gold

Fruit #2: Bubblegum, Princess, Lilac, Mint, Prince

Landscape #1: Eggplant, Violet, Peach, Coral, Burgundy

Landscape #2: Marigold, Chocolate, Gold, Tangerine, Burgundy

Landscape #3: Lime, Grass, Olive, Forest, Chocolate

Landscape #4: Periwinkle, Navy, Violet, Prince, Indigo

Landscape #5: Silver Lavender, Platinum, Dark Sage, Olive Green, Forest Green

Landscape #6: Blush Pink, Salmon, Coral, Peacock, Forest Green

Landscape #7: Platinum, Silver Lavender, Snowflake, Ecru, Stone

Floral #1: Snowflake, Gold, Robin Egg Blue, Platinum, Black

Floral #2: Peacock teal, Splash, Silver Lavender, Salmon, Watermelon

Floral #3: Bubblegum, Peach, Buttercup, Turquoise, Jade Green

Floral #4: Coral, Cherry, Burgundy, Jade Green, Forest Green, Chocolate

Floral #5: Eggplant, Watermelon, Bubblegum, Lilac, Violet

Floral #6: Cherry, Peach, Mint, Grass, Black

Floral #7: Aquamarine, Robin Egg Blue, Snowflake, Silver Lavender, Platinum

Floral #8: Navy, Indigo, Sunshine Yellow, Lime Green, Snowflake

Reef #1: Chocolate, Ecru, Peacock Teal, Turquoise, Aquamarine

Reef #2 Splash, Turquoise, Coral, Peach, Sunshine Yellow 

Reef #3: Lilac, Sugar Plum, Indigo, Sunshine Yellow, Lime Green

Tiles #1: Turquoise, Gold, Salmon, Prince, Indigo

Kristin Omdahl is the best-selling author of dozens of knit and crochet books; publisher of almost 1000 knit and crochet patterns; producer of award-winning videos; and curator of gorgeous yarns and products. You can join Kristin LIVE 5 days a week for The Kristin Omdahl Show on YouTube and browse through thousands of tutorial videos there, too.

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I would love to see your creations. Just as much fun as making these myself is the satisfaction I get from seeing my designs come to life and other knit and crochet fans wearing them too. There are now 2 ways you can share what you have done!

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I look forward to seeing what you create!

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