#SecretRendezvous Surprise Trip with knit and crochet pattern wardrobe styling

#SecretRendezvous Surprise Trip with knit and crochet pattern wardrobe styling

As I pack and prep for a super exciting #SecretRendezvous tomorrow, I reminisce about my awesome 11 year career in the yarn industry. I have designed hundreds of patterns for clothing and accessories in knitting and crochet. And you know what? I have rarely worn any of those items in my “real life”. Sure, I rock them at industry shows or photo shoots or when I used to tape Knitting Daily TV. But I have rarely, if ever, accessorized with my designs in my real life.

“It is best to be as pretty as possible for a date with destiny.” ~ Coco Chanel

I don’t know what has changed this year, except maybe designing my own materials? I wear my own designs a lot these days. And, I have accessorized every outfit for my #SecretRendezvous this weekend with accessories from my product lines! The outfit on the center left features Razor Shell Shawl in Be So Fine Yarn Million Dollar Red and Crystal Chain Necklace in Be So Fine Yarn Jaded Peacock with Montana AB crystal beads. These accessories will adorn a pleated front ivory peasant top, cropped denim jacket, skinny black jeans and black and wood wedges. The center photo features Molten Lave 2.0 Shawl in Be So Fine Parisian Bordeaux with Crystal AB crystal beads and gold short drop crystal wire wrapped earrings in topaz(I need to name this kit). These accessories adorns a military green pleated chiffon dress, black faux leather jacket  and black and wood wedges. The center right photo features the prismatic knit scarf in Be So Sporty Yarn and the gold short drop crystal wire wrapped earrings topaz. These accessories adorn a light brown leather bomber, deep green peasant top over black skinny jeans and black and wood wedges.

It’s important to me as a person that my character embodies “walk the walk” not just “talk the talk”. And I feel I am striving closer to the type of character I so admire. I am celebrating my career on this #SecretRendezvous rocking my favorite designed accessories. If you want to celebrate with me, please use coupon code SECRET in my Etsy shop to receive 10% off your order and free shipping. I will be leaving before dawn Friday morning but promise to ship your goodies first thing on Monday morning!

xoxo, Kristin

NOTE: Most of the manufactured clothes you see I either snagged on eBay used or on clearance in stores. You wouldn’t believe how good I am at thrifting on eBay… 🙂

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