Creation Brings a Sense of Fulfillment with Kristin Omdahl

kristin omdahl creative knitting and crochet

Anyone can run to the store, shop and buy a sweater, scarf, gloves, hat or accessories. But how many of us have the time, patience, creativity, and developing talent to create them from scratch ourselves?

The beauty of doing creative projects lies in not only the ultimate results but in the pleasure of crafting itself. Art in general puts you in what’s known as right brain mode. It allows the left hemisphere of your brain to relax and you slip into an enjoyable tranquil state where time doesn’t exist. You may realize you have been at it for hours and it can feel like only minutes.

Right brain mode is also sometimes called feeling in the flow or in the vortex. When you are in it you feel good, comfortable, relaxed, and on task. It’s a sensation you really can’t beat. While that may take a little while during your initial learning phase, once you have the basic knit and crochet stitches down you will find it almost like a lucid version of meditation. It simply relaxes you.

On top of that, being able to create your own wearable art for yourself, for your loved ones and friends and even for sale, is an amazing feeling of accomplishment. To look in the mirror wearing something you created or see someone else wearing a piece you put together gives a sense of pride and happiness that just isn’t explainable until you experience it for yourself.

Need some more guidance? I am always here!

I host a livestream podcast Monday – Friday on my YouTube Channel called Create Share Inspire Podcast. You can join the audience LIVE and even ask me questions LIVE! It is a lot of fun!

You can browse through over 600 previously recorded episodes HERE: Create Share Inspire Podcast Playlist . Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get reminders when the next episode airs LIVE. I also created a private Facebook group called Create Share Inspire to allow my audience to continue the podcast party throughout the rest of the day. It is a wonderful and safe place to share your photos of finished projects in my knitting or crochet patterns or yarns, and to see what others are making, too.

I would also like to invite you to join this private group Create. Share. Inspire on Facebook where you can interact with me as well as many other members who have a love of knitting and crochet just like you! We are a tight knit community 😉

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