Help Protect Your Family’s Health While Keeping Your Wardrobe Dazzling – Wash Your Knit and Crocheted Master Pieces with Be So Clean All-Natural Non-Toxic Soaps.

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The laundry isle at the grocery store is filled with bright beautifully designed bottles of laundry soap, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and cleaning products. The problem is that most all of them contain chemicals that can be hard on and toxic to your body as well as harsh on your clothing over time.

These chemicals may include: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Phosphates, Formaldehyde, Chlorine bleach, Ammonium Sulfate, Dioxane, Ammonium Quaternary Sanitizers, Nonoxynol, Fragrance, Dyes, Benzyl Acetate, and even Dichlorobenzene. Many of these are proven carcinogens as well as endocrine system disruptors. They can wreak havoc on your body, and you may not even be able to pinpoint the cause.

This is why I felt it was so important to derive my own laundry and hand soap line that was all natural and beneficial to the body as well as getting your clothes clean and smelling great.

This is how the Be So Clean Soap products got their start. Necessity is the mother of invention.

These little bottles are concentrated so they pack a punch. They are a pure vegetable-based soap which is 100% non-toxic. They are formulated from essential oils and plant extracts with no chemical additives. They are septic system safe, biodegradable, organic, and made and bottled right here in the USA.  Be So Clean Soaps are safe for your clothes, safe for you, and safe for your pets!

Let’s Talk Fragrances!

-Citrus Infusion

-Chai Spice

-Lavender Citrus Sage

-Lemongrass Garden

-Plumeria Bouquet

-and Unscented

All of the Be So Clean scents come from the highest quality essential oils. Derived directly from plants with alluring systemically beneficial scents only nature can provide.

Plumeria Be So Clean Soap
Available in 2 oz. and 16.9 oz.

While many soaps list “Fragrance” the truth is that can mean pretty well anything. Fragrance is a non-regulated ingredient label word. It can represent anything from a natural essential oil (nontoxic) to a synthetic chemical scent which is comprised of unknown chemicals (potentially toxic). There is no requirement to list ingredients contained in a scent at all.

These unknown chemical factors have been strongly associated with negative unwanted health effects. These may include: Chronic Fatigue, breathing issues, rashes, hives, allergies, headaches, migraines, and sinus problems.

On the opposing end of the health spectrum, Be So Clean products are so pure you can use them to clean all kinds of different things in your home. It is not limited to hand soap and laundry.

Some of the things in my life I used Be So Clean for include: Makeup remover, mouthwash, makeup brush cleaning, bath bubbles, sinus congestion, floor mopping, toilet cleaner, face wash, body wash, shaving, pet washing, laundry detergent, hand soap, vegetable rinse, teeth cleaner, ant spray, plant spray get rid of pests, and even wound cleaning. These truly are an all-purpose cleaner!

You may say to yourself “That is an awfully small bottle. How would I do laundry with it?” When liquid is super concentrated as in the case of my Be So Clean Soaps, the recommended amount to use is ½ a teaspoon to 1 gallon of water. That makes each 16.9 oz. bottle enough to wash 200 wash loads of handmade or delicate clothing in the sink. That comes out to only .9 cents per wash.

Interested in reading the ingredients list for each soap scent? We have that information right here for you. This page also outlines exact directions on how to wash with best results in your washing machine as well.

Take care of the creations you spend so much time on, the right way. Be So Clean Soaps cleanse your fabrics and textiles naturally and gently. Protect what you love with Be So Clean Soap.

key West Shawl Pattern by Kristin Omdahl
Key West Crochet Shawl Pattern by Kristin Omdahl – With bright dazzling colors of yarn like this Tropical Hot Coral in Be So Fine Yarn, washing in gentle all natural soap is a must.

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