Create Share Inspire Notebook, Volume I, Issue 7

The confidence you are building will strengthen the control in your life. When I focus my awareness on the present moment, I am calm and can then assess my feelings and my goals and true gratitude prevails. Journaling contributes to evoking mindfulness, healing, achieving goals, strengthening self-discipline, and improving memory and comprehension. Gratitude, when combined with journaling, greatly strengthens these benefits. I believe human beings are more alike than they are different. During my lifelong quest for inspiration, I have discovered that throughout history there have been amazing people who agree with me.I hope you enjoy the quotations I curated for this notebook. May they spark your inspiration as you begin to write each day. The theme for Volume I, Issue is attitude. Your attitude is a choice. Gentle reminders and good habits contributue to the success of a strong, positive attitude. Writing in your journal, taking time for self-care daily, starting your day with a plan, laughing, meditating, and choosing to look for inspiration everywhere. These are only a few of the ways to keep a good, positive attitude throughout each day.

Let us make time to create, share and inspire today and every day.