2021 Top Five Knit and Crochet Patterns, Books and Yarns of the Year

2021 Top Five Knit and Crochet Patterns, Books and Yarns of the Year

At the end of each year, it is a fun time to reflect on all the highlights of the year. This year we saw some big changes, including a few new yarn additions to the KO family, my 20th book launch, close to 100 new knit and crochet patterns and videos, hundreds of new livestream shows, the brand new website for KristinOmdahl.com, and so much more! Throughout the year, the website grew more robust with even more features, up to and including Share a Project and the brand new KO Community Forums launched recently.

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My livestream show will finish the year just under 1,000 episodes. WOW! I am so proud of this accomplishment and really looking forward to reaching this milestone sometime in early 2022 (I’m guessing beginning of February but I’ll have a better idea as it approaches). I would LOVE for you to be a part of this because the show would not exist without you. Please consider sharing your story about how the Kristin Omdahl Show has affected you HERE. My intention is to read everyone’s stories live on air on the 1,000th episode. It is going to be amazing. And if you haven’t seen every episode yet, you can browse through all the episodes HERE

I thought you might enjoy seeing some top five lists of the most popular yarns, colors, books, and knit and crochet patterns from over the entire year of 2021. Some of them I anticipated, and others were surprising to me. Which ones have you tried already? And what is on your wishlist for 2022?

Top Five Most Popular Kristin Omdahl Yarns of 2021

#1 Be So Baby Yarn

#1 Be So Baby Yarn; #3 dk weight 100% milk fiber yarn; 142 yds (130m) per 1.75 oz (50g); comes in 60 colors; top five most popular colors of Be So Baby Yarn in 2021: ecru, snowflake, black, blush pink and silver lavender. Browse all 60 colors HERE

#2 Be So Easy Yarn

#2 Be So Easy Yarn: #5 bulky weight 100% milk cotton yarn; 145 yds (132m) per 3.5 oz (100g); comes in 29 colors; top five most popular colors of Be So Easy Yarn in 2021: cream, lavender, cornflower, pink lemonade and sea green. Browse all 29 colors HERE

#3 Be So Luxe Yarn

#3 Be So Luxe Yarn; #2 sport weight 70% bamboo / 30% cotton yarn; 158 yds (145m) per 1.75 oz (50g); comes in 48 colors; top five most popular colors of Be So Luxe Yarn 2021: denim crush, pearls of wisdom, walking after midnight, wild pansy and black to reality. Browse all 48 colors HERE

#4 Be So Vivid Yarn

#4 Be So Vivid Yarn; #4 worsted weight, self striping 70% cotton / 30% acrylic yarn; 306 yds (280m) per 3.5oz (100g); comes in 15 colors; top five most popular colors of Be So Vivid Yarn 2021: berry nice, you me & the sea, a river runs through it, you look mauve-e-lous, and bonfire serenade. Browse all 15 colors HERE

#5 Be So Sporty Yarn

#5 Be So Sporty Yarn; #2 sport weight, 100% bamboo yarn; 325 yds (297m) per 4 oz (113g); comes in varying colors as this is hand dyed yarn; The top five most popular colors of Be So Sporty yarn 2021: sandcastle, highland heather, indigo shibori, sunrise 14 and flowering aqua bohemica. Browse all colors of Be So Sporty Yarn HERE

Top Five Most Popular Kristin Omdahl Books of 2021

#1 24 Crochet Hats Book, #2 88 Stitch Dictionary Book, #3 52 Crochet Gifts Book, #4 Layers: Knit Book, and #5 80 Handmade Gifts Book. Browse all of my books (paperback and digital ebooks) HERE

Top Five Most Popular Kristin Omdahl Crochet Patterns of 2021

#1 Margot Cardigan, #2 Sadie Shawl, #3 Sweet Clara Top, #4 Margot Pullover, and #5 Audra Poncho & Bags. Browse all of Kristin Omdahl crochet patterns HERE

Top Five Most Popular Kristin Omdahl Knit Patterns of 2021

#1 Gracie shawl, #2 Althea shawl, #3 Lagertha shawl, #4 Savannah vest, and #5 Kimmy top. Browse all of Kristin Omdahl knit patterns HERE

Kristin Omdahl is the best-selling author of dozens of knit and crochet books; publisher of almost 1000 knit and crochet patterns; producer of award-winning videos; and curator of gorgeous yarns and products. You can join Kristin LIVE 5 days a week for The Kristin Omdahl Show on YouTube and browse through thousands of tutorial videos there, too. Kristin donates a portion of every sale to help survivors of domestic violence. Learn more about Kristin’s charity, Project Kristin Cares HERE.

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I would love to see your creations. Just as much fun as making these myself is the satisfaction I get from seeing my designs come to life and other knit and crochet fans wearing them too. There are now 2 ways you can share what you have done!

  • I have recently added a wonderful new interactive section to the website which I invite you to take part in, it has been a smashing success and such fun so far. It is the new “Share Your Project” section. You, my creators, can upload images and descriptions of your creations to share with the ever growing community! To upload simply click here. 

Additionally, I host a livestreaming podcast, vlog or show weekday on my YouTube Channel called The Kristin Omdahl Show. You can join the audience and even ask me questions LIVE! I often do a show and tell, or quick demo and I always interact with the live audience. It is a lot of fun!

You can browse through close to 1000 previously recorded episodes HEREThe Kristin Omdahl Show Playlist. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get reminders when the next episode airs LIVE.

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I look forward to seeing what you create!


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