How to DIY Embellish Frames with Metallic Coin Beads

I love, love, love belly dancing costumes. I have wanted to take belly dancing classes most of my life, but never got around to doing it. You know that website, MeetUp? I joined the list to be informed when belly dancing classes are going on in my area. I get the email notification every week and I still haven't gone to a single class.

But, I do own a belly dancing skirt, adorned with the gorgeous beads (and used it this year on Halloween). And many years ago, I bought a couple big bags of the loose coin beads thinking they would be great for craft projects or a shawl edging. They have sat in storage for who knows how many years now.

A while back, I was at my local craft store buying craft rings and had a very big A HA moment! The inspiration struck that I could hot glue the coin beads to the rings in an offset "scale" pattern to create GORGEOUS frames. I was so excited I couldn't get home fast enough. Couldn't grab my supplies fast enough. And couldn't begin making them fast enough. I am pleased to announce they are more beautiful that I even imagined they would be. It brings a smile to my face to see this amazing metallic texture every day.

Listed below are some links to show you where you can purchase these simple supplies on Amazon. And below that, is a YouTube tutorial video I made to show you some tips and tricks to make these awesome frames for yourself. They would also be really pretty as a decorative border around a thick candle, too. Please let me know what you make! I can't wait to see your projects. xoxo, Kristin

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