Fashion Forward: Hand-Knit and Crochet Trends 2024

Fashion Forward: Hand-Knit and Crochet Trends 2024

Explore the latest designs by fashion designers featuring hand-knit and crochet wear this season.

Top Picks: Gorgeous Knit and Crochet Wearables

Here is a curated collection of hand-picked items and where to find them.

Discover the cutting-edge styles and color palettes that are making waves this season. From oversized chunky knits to intricate crochet details, stay ahead of the fashion curve and draw inspiration for your next project. Handmade is certainly labor intensive and as you can see, these masterpieces come with a hefty price tag. But not to worry! You can make your OWN handmade masterpieces.

DIY Fashion: Create Your Signature Look

Unlock your creative potential with our ad-free PDF download patterns.

Browse the Kristin Omdahl PDF Knit and Crochet Patterns Collection

I have been a knit and crochet designer for 20 years, with a body of work of almost 1,000 patterns! Discover my professionally written collection of ad-free PDF patterns. Crafted with step-by-step instructions, detailed charts, and video tutorials, each pattern is designed to enhance your skills and produce stunning hand-knit and crochet wearables.

I love seeing crochet on fabric as a 2024 crochet trend! This is a topic I have loved for many, many years. You can browse many crochet on fabric patterns on my website here:

Love love love seeing crochet motif shawls as a 2024 fashion trend! You can browse many crochet shawl patterns on my website here:

Color Trends for Yarn in 2024

Discover the hues that will define your yarn creations this year.

2024 Color Trends begin with Pantone, which then inspires textile mills, fashion houses, and manufactures of yarn, clothing and home decor. The 2024 color of the year is Peach Fuzz. From Pantone: “Peach Fuzz is a velvety gentle peach whose all-embracing spirit enriches mind, body, and soul. A compassionate and nurturing peach shade highlighting our desire for togetherness with others and the feelings this creates, PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz presents a fresh approach to a new softness. Subtly sensual, a heartfelt peach hue with a tender touch, PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz communicates a message of caring and sharing, community and collaboration. Inside, you’ll find a full page of Peach Fuzz, more about why we selected the color for 2024, and a complete history of the past Pantone Colors of the Year.”

There are great tools for learning how to incorporate any color into a palette for combining colors. Here are a few color palette ideas featuring the Peach Fuzz color of the year:

Color can also be very personal. Maybe you already have your signature colors that you love to wear, and love to knit and crochet with. Even still, it can be fun to incorporate other colors together for a variety of moods and specific looks. Color can also tell a story.

Some of my Favorite Yarn Shops:

How to Choose the Color Palette for your Knit or Crochet Projects:

color wheel for choosing yarn colorsChoosing colors is such a personal experience but can also be overwhelming and intimidating if you are unsure of which colors go together. In the words of Picasso, “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”

A color wheel is a great tool to use when choosing colors for any project. I like this color wheel and use mine often!

Combining cool and warm toned colors can add contrast and interest to your knit and crochet patterns. White, shades of blue, green and gray for the cooler shades, and yellows, oranges, reds and purples for the warmer shade ranges. But you can also represent any color story you desire in your palette. Maybe it is choosing your gift recipients favorite colors. Let’s say you are making it for your mom and she loves pinks and purples. You could find a yarn with a great range of shade in the pink and purple family of colors. Keep in mind, the larger the palette, the more variation in your color palette. So within shades of pink and purple, you might want to look at magentas (the redder side of violet) and periwinkles (the bluer side of violet), too.

Analogous colors is another great way to choose colors for a knit or crochet project. Analogous means colors that are very similar to each other, especially when they are next to each other on a color wheel. For example: red, red-orange, orange-red and orange are analogous colors. So are violet, violet-blue, blue-violet and blue. these can make striking palettes and you can also use a pop of a natural to break it up if you want: white, tan, taupe, gray, or black.

Using Mother Nature is a wonderful way to combine colors in a palette, too. A flower garden has a variety of flower colors and leave and step colors that all work beautifully together.

You can also take a photo of the location you are representing in your project as inspiration for your palette, too. For example, here are some palette ideas for different locations in Rome, Italy:

These images are for inspiration! Loosely use these combinations as your guide since you will still have to find yarns that work for your budget, your gauge and your color palette, too.

And here are some color inspiration photos from other parts of the world, too:

Crafting Mastery: Knit and Crochet Courses

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Elevate your crafting journey with my online courses. From beginner basics to advancing techniques, my courses offer a structured learning experience to help you improve your skills in both knit and crochet to empower your creative spirit.

Embrace the warmth and style of hand-knit and crochet wear this season. Whether you’re curating a fashion-forward wardrobe with designer pieces or crafting your signature look with our ad-free PDF patterns and courses, let your creativity shine. Elevate your style, one stitch at a time.

Learn How to Knit and Crochet Here:

Embrace the warmth and style of hand-knit and crochet wear this season. Whether you’re curating a fashion-forward wardrobe with designer pieces, crafting your signature look with our ad-free PDF patterns and courses, or staying on-trend with the latest yarn colors of 2024, let your creativity shine. Elevate your style, one stitch at a time.

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