How to Make DIY Felted Wool Dryer Balls FREE Pattern

How to Make DIY Felted Wool Dryer Balls FREE Pattern
by Kristin Omdahl

Felted wool dryer balls are SO EASY to make. They save you money, are good for your health, and better for the environment.
* They won't affect the absorbency of your towels or your dri-fit clothing
* They increase the fluffiness and reduce static electricity
* They cut down on dry time because the wool absorbs the moisture and as they bounce, they increase the surface area for the hot air to be exposed to your laundry - cutting down on drying time is electricity savings!
* They have no harsh or toxic chemicals that cling to your clothes and aborb into your skin. Yuck!
* Add a drop or two of pure essential oil to your dryer balls for subtle, natural fragrance in your laundry!

Scroll to the bottom of this free pattern page to watch the step by step tutorial video!

What you will need:
Be So Brave Yarn (100% American Merino Wool - FELTABLE WOOL is mandatory for the dryer balls in this project)
Note: one ball of Be So Brave Yarn produces approx 3 dryer balls
Be So Sporty Yarn (100% bamboo yarn - a small amount of NON-FELTABLE YARN is mandatory for making ties between the balls
Yarn needle
Nylon pantyhose

1. Wrap yarn into hand wound balls, approx 2.5-3" in diameter.

2. Cut yarn. Thread yarn needle into tail and pull through the entire ball to weave in the end. Snip on other side.

3. Cut the non-feltable yarn into 6" strips. One for each ball.

4. Slide the balls into the nylons, securing after each one with a non-felting tie.

5. Felt in the washing machine - a HOT cycle with a cold rinse, with lots of agitation (wash with towels or jeans).

6. Toss in the dryer on high.

7. Snip the ties and peel the dyer balls out of the nylons.

8. Enjoy for yourself! Give as handmade gifts that will keep on giving!

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