Top 10 Tips for Tapestry Crochet

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  1. Start simple! Tapestry crochet is a whole world of incredible colorwork and the more intricate designs can use several colors. But to get a good foundation of the techniques, start with a 2-color project.

  2. Work over the unused color instead of carrying floats on back of work. This allows you to create a reversible fabric.

  3. Change yarn color in the middle of the previous stitch. The best way to do this is to complete the last step of whatever that last stitch is with the new color.

  4. Begin each row or round in the right position. If you are working in rows, this means working yarn behind for right side rows and working yarn in front for wrong side rows. Working in the round means right side is always facing you.

  5. Keep it taut. Practicing good, even tension is always a smart idea, but working a little more firmly than normal works really well for tapestry crochet.

  6. Keep your yarns separate. Find a system that works for you but I love to keep one to the front and one to the back of my work so I don’t tangle them together.

  7. Mark it! Mark off your rows/rounds of charts or written instructions as you go so you don’t lose your place.

  8. Practice! Be patient with yourself and take your time. Learning a new technique, especially one that involves multiple simultaneous steps, takes time!

  9. Explore different color options. Do a swatch in contrast colors and another in complementary or harmonious colors. The same pattern can look so different and varied by the colors you choose!

  10. Invent your own designs. Using graph paper and different colored pencils or markers, create your own design. Depending on the size of the stitch you use, it may be one-to-one for stitch to pixel square of the chart (for example with single crochet) or you may need to allocate more than one pixel square for longer stitches.

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