Chain 3 Picot Tutorial – Single Crochet VS. Slip Stitch Demo plus Charts plus Free Pattern

Chain 3 Picot Tutorial – Single Crochet VS. Slip Stitch Demo plus Charts plus Free Pattern

Chain 3 picots are usually not my favorite crochet technique. I’ll add them here or there but I wouldn’t add a bunch as part of a focal design element in a crochet pattern because I find they slow me down. I love the look of them, but sometimes avoid them. I was experimenting with picots a while back and wanted to replace a larger chain space in a round motif that would eventually become a freelance project I designed for a magazine. I noticed that replacing the slip stitch (slst) with a single crochet (sc) I was able to continue on in a linear fashion to create texture around my motif.

Single Crochet VS. Slip Stitch Picots – What is the Difference?

When I began designing the projects for my newest book, “52 Crochet Gifts”, I thought a lot about keeping the projects quick and easy, but still keeping them interesting, too. Picots add a lot of texture, but making them quicker allowed me to use them more liberally in some of the projects. The action of slip stitch to join the 3 chains into a picot involves a secondary “backward” motion that slows down the process. The action of single crochet to join the 3 chains into a picot is more of a continuous movement. This allows you to crochet quicker, and even feels more zen-like to me as well. The good news is there is no wrong way to picot! If you prefer slip stitch or single crochet, both are great! There is a minor size variation, but it is almost indistinguishable in a finished project or garment.

Here is an example of a tiny, 1-round crochet crochet motif that alternates double crochet with chain 3 (ch3) picots. In the video below, I show you two examples of this motif: one with slip stitch (and the other with single crochet) chain 3 (ch3) picots. I demonstrate how to make each one, how to read each one in a chart, then show them side by side for comparison, and draw the chart for this exact crochet motif!

Free Crochet Motif Pattern


Any yarn and appropriate hook size will work for making tis project. I used #4 worsted weight yarn and G/7 (4.5mm) crochet hook for these samples. Sample shown in Be So Bold Yarn color Enchanted Jasmine

Crochet Stitch Guide:
Chain (ch), double crochet (dc), and slip stitch (slst).

Chain 3 Picot (ch3 picot): Ch3, slst or sc in 3rd ch from hook.


Ch5, slst to 5th ch from hook to form ring.

Round 1: Ch6 (counts as dc, ch3), slst or sc in 3rd ch from hook (ch3 picot made), dc in ring, ch3 picot. Rep from 6 more times, slst to 3rd ch of beg ch6 at beg of round to join. — 8 dcs, 8 ch3 picots

Single Crochet VS. Slip Stitch Demo plus Charts VIDEO can be Watched Here:

This mini crochet motif is excerpted from my new book, “52 Crochet Gifts” It is now available as a pre-order ebook and the new patterns are released weekly. Picots are just one of many stitches I have covered in my How to Crochet Page here on my website and my Crochet Stitch Library of Videos Playlist on my YouTube Channel. You can learn more about all of those stitches here:

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